School within a School and Exhibition / Cork, Ireland

Exhibition:    Fri 21 November – Wed 17 December, 2014
Seminar:       Fri 21 – Sat 22 November, 2014


|the establishment of a spatial strategy /Maud Cotter
|the showing of three artist’s work /Aisling O’Beirn /Bill Albertini /Clive Murphy
|the insertion of a two day school within a school /Aengus Woods /Anthony Haughey: Moderator /Dr. Ed Krčma /Maud Cotter /Padraig Spillane /Pluck Projects /Rachel Warriner /Sigune Hamann /The Good Hatchery
|a final layer of works /curated by Pluck Projects includes selected MA:AP students of CIT C.C.A.D., Cork and invited artist Angela Fulcher