a school within a school

moderated by Anthony Haughey

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more videos from our two day school within a school will be made available soon,
so watch this space!

Friday 21 November, 2014

Maud Cotter – Introduction The Land of Zero  watch

Rachel Warriner – A sort of old-girls’ network’: WAR, The Ad Hoc Committee of Women Artists and the foundation of the A.I.R. gallery or How to make space in the art world  watch

Sigune Hamann – Changing Perception of Images  watch

Aengus Woods – Home and Homelessness: Speculations on the Language of Utopian Thought  watch

Survival Strategies
Padraig Spillane – In Terms of Another or How much do you say?
with Pluck Projects & The Good Hatchery  watch


Saturday 22 November, 2014

Aisling O’Beirn - Proton Dancing (Zagreb 2013)  watch

( ‘Proton Dancing’ is now available to watch in full   watch )

Bill Albertini – “Manhattan Monopoles”, 2014  watch

Clive Murphy – Pneutopia II, 2014  watch

Dr. Ed Krčma – Utopia Zones: Some Problems in Art Now (via Joseph Beuys)  watch

Closing Discussion  watch