Padraig Spillane

Survival Strategies

“The first is the primacy of doing, of producing, of working over commenting, of experimenting over interpreting: the creative obsession will always have as its unique enemy the noisy commentary of priests and professors, rather than the silence of the page or of the blank canvas.”1

Survival Strategies will focus on the affect and manipulation of languages surrounding artistic praxis. As practitioners, our use and negotiation of languages generates the potential and environs for practice. What can be enacted through the adaptations, negations, and playful interactions with such vocabularies and the forces they produce? What potential pathways may appear through the tensions of orientating and sustaining of contemporaneous practice? Explored will be the unpredictable in relation to making space for artistic practice and strategies to manoeuvre the heaviness of prescribed structures

with Pluck Projects, Cork
& The Good Hatchery, Offaly

1 Laruelle, François, A Non-Philosophy of Creation: The Fractal Example, The Concept of Non-Photography (UK, 2012), p. 127