Curatorial Statement /Maud Cotter

‘I build my time
In gathering fruits
And throwing out all that is bad
And Old
And rotten’
     Kurt Schwitters

The conceit of The Land of Zero as a landscape allows us to identify a moment of stillness within the ‘amorphous stew’, (Flusser, 1999), which is the present, an artificial nothingness, a chosen moment within which one can examine new forces temporarily held at bay, through lecture, installation, and discussion. The Land of Zero is a radical school within a school, a hybrid of research within ‘showing’ (Monk, 1991), a two-day seminar set in a composite installation in process. It is a place of questioning and examination on a threshold between MA:AP of the Cork College of Art & Design, other practitioners, and the public realm.

The Land of Zero opens a space as a sculptural action for discussion within showing.
This investigative form is achieved throughout the duration of the project with four distinct layers in process.

the establishment of a spatial strategy,
the showing of three artist’s work,
the insertion of the two day seminar within this space frame,
a final layer of works, including MA:AP, curated by Pluck Projects, Cork.