Cliodhna O’Riordan

Born in Kilmichael, County Cork, Cliodhna originally studied Architectural Technology at CIT (2006-2009). She then went on to study Fine Art at the CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, graduating in 2013. Prior to the MA Cliodhna completed a 6 month residency in the Backwater Artists sculpture studios.

With her background in architecture, Cliodhna has an embedded interest in the physical properties of materials. In this new body of work a new hybrid solid is created by combining two seemingly incompatible ingredients. Curious tensions are illustrated in subsequent testing, documentation and display. Each investigation is approached with a delicate artistic sensibility that belies the brutish nature of industrial stress testing. The experiments and the material used in the works generate questions about our value systems. If every object can be broken down into tiny particles then why is one of greater value than another? They also make reference to our surrounding architecture, undermining its durability and stability.